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November 28, 2016
Portable possessions
December 7, 2016

Cover for portable possessions insurance  (items that are moved regularly in and out of home) is important and if, used wisely, will give you peace of mind wherever you go, anywhere in the world.

At Ucovered Insurance solutions, we offer you a variety of options on your portable possessions insurance cover. Below are the list of exclusions you should be aware of :

Portable possessions insurance cover is grouped into different categories. These should not be confused because this could lead to items being doubly insured or, worse, not being insured fully or only partially covered.

portable possessions insurance

  1. General clothing and personal effects

This section provides cover for items normally worn or carried by or on a person, including personal sporting equipment. The following items are not covered under this section of portable possessions insurance  cover:

All Plans:


  • Stamp, medal, and coin collections
  • Safe-deposit items that are placed in a bank vault or registered depository
  • Other specified items. These include any items you need to insure that do not fall within the above categories but still need all-risks cover. Examples of such items include valuable ornaments, paintings, and collections.
  • Bicycles


Further items not covered portable possession insurance under this section of cover on the Essential and Classic Plans:


  • Audiovisual devices, for example, handheld games and portable TVs
  • Firearms
  • Caravan and camping equipment
  • Computing equipment and mobile communication devices like laptops and cellphones
  • Watches and jewellery that have a value higher than the per-item limit specified under General clothing and personal effects
  • Motorised equipment – this includes items like ride-on mowers and wheelchairs
  • Surfboards, paddle skis, kayaks, canoes, kite boards, surf skis, windsurf boards and sailboards.


Now you have a list of items you know, can not be covered under portable possessions insurance, this should make your decision to get this insurance, much easier.

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