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September 14, 2016
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September 14, 2016

More about Discovery Vitality Points

Vitality is the wellness programme that facilitates, encourages and rewards you for getting healthier. Not only is a healthy lifestyle more enjoyable, it has been proven that Vitality members live longer and are less likely to develop lifestyle-related chronic illnesses. So join Vitality today and start the journey to a healthier you
and a more rewarding lifestyle!

Engage in Vitality to improve your health and earn Discovery Vitality points.
The more points you earn, the higher your status and the greater your rewards.

Discovery Vitality Points

All Vitality members can earn Vitality Active Rewards. Vitality Active Rewards recommends and measures personalised weekly tness goals for you, adjusting them automatically based on your activity levels. Get weekly rewards when you achieve your goals. Invite your friends to join and earn additional rewards when you reach your goals together.

Vitality Active Rewards sets clinically-sound and highly personalised weekly goals for you based on your health risks and exercise history.
These goals will guide you along a specific exercise pathway, and will adjust according to your progress.
Weekly goals are expressed as a number of Discovery Vitality Points to be earned in a week, so you can earn them through Vitality’s suite of tness partners or by tracking your activity with a wearable device.

Vitality Active Rewards gives
you a free drink for achieving your personalised physical activity goal for that week.

Earn additional Discovery Vitality Points when you and three or more of your friends achieve your goals in the same week.


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